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Joey Allen of Warrant

Joey Allen rock's with Hughes and Kettner Amplification

Joey Allen of Warrant - Shoot on 09/07/07 at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana Ca. with The Bullet Boy's and The Cauze.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

HB Gabachos Car Club BBQ hosted by: Dorren and Tony 08/04/07

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Instant Replay Shoot July 4th, 2007

Our recent shoot of Instant Replay on July 4th, 2007 at the Lake Forest Keys, will be online soon!

Band Bio:

"Instant Replay" began at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California. Jim Mutschler and Brian Brehm were part of the school band and Dweighn Secrist was in the choir.

The band was origionally called "The Surf City Boys".The band was the first tribute band to impersonate the Beach Boys, complete with 5 part harmonys, pin stripped shirts, white pants and all the schtick of the Beach Boys. After a well received performance at a school talent show, they entered a talent show for Surf City..Huntington Beach, California. The band took first prize.

Bill Medley of "The Righteous Brothers" was in the audience and he hired the band on the spot for several shows at his night club. Mr. Medley then called the entertainment department at Knotts Berry Farm and arranged a meeting for the band. The Surf city Boys spent the next 4 years performing their tribute to the Beach Boys at Knotts Berry Farm. At one of the shows, John Stamos came up and played with the band and has remained good friends ever since.

It was'nt long before a representative from Disneyland's entertainment department came calling. They started to groom and prepare the band for employment at Disney's Club Buzz stage. At that time the band offered the band name, "Surf City", to the "Surf City Allstars" and then became known as "Instant Replay". The band specialized in costumed tributes to the Surfin' 60's, Classic rock, Disco and 80's..every set was a different era in costumes.

Jeff Woodhouse relocated his band from Olympia, Washington to Los Angeles. After several years of success with his band, an agent had told him of a vacancy in "Instant Replay"...he was a great addition to the group. Three years ago Disney put out a call for all the southern California surf bands to compete for 3 openings at "Disney's California Adventure" park. Out of 9 bands "Instant Replay", "Surf Party" and "The Surf City Allstars" took the honors.

The band has been enjoying our stay at Disney's California Adventure" ever since. On March 19th, 2006..John Stamos invited all of the top surf band musicians over the past 40 years to his hill top home in Beverly Hills for the ultimate surf jam... sponsored by Gibson Guitars. Other groups heard of it and were invited as well.

Among those to perform were "The Beach Boys", "Pappa Doo Run Run", "The Cowsills", "The Surf City Allstars", "America", Doug Fieger of "The Knack" and "Instant Replay". It was truley a one of a kind evening that won't soon be forgotten..Thank you, John....from your friends in "Instant Replay" .

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AX 2007 Now Online!

Anime Expo AX 2007 Long Beach Convention Center Saturday June 30th Now Online!

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Shoot Schedule and Upcoming Gallery Posting

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*** Anime Expo 2007 will be up in the next 2 days... we did about 500 shots at the show this year, check back to see your pics!

*** Anime Expo 2006 in Anaheim is online here:

We have been really busy with shoots all over Orange and LA counties.

We will soon have the following shoots online:

George Lynch, MSG and The Cauze at The Key Club, Hollywood Ca. Event 06/21/07

Private Event for Dax, Santa Rosa, Ca. Event 06/16/07

Private Event, Elks Club in Hemet Ca. Online now: Event 06/09/07

Renaissance Fair 2007, Online soon: Event 06/02/07

Anime Expo 2007, Shoot on 06/30/07 - Long Beach Convention Center, Online soon

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All Access Magazine - Interview with The Cauze

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We will be shooting The Cauze, This coming Sat. Night at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, Ca. 04/28/07 - Click here to view our Shoot Schedule and get tickets for $15.00 bucks online only!

Applause for The Cauze
Local Rockers Aim for Best Effect!
By Rob Swick & Debra Stocker

The circle is now complete for LA-based rockers The Cauze, a hard commercial rock band with a melodic style. Finishing up a photo shoot, they had a few minutes to talk with All Access Magazine.

The band’s founder, Jeff Ellis, is also the lead vocalist and guitarist. Ellis is joined by Joel Ellis – rhythm guitarist and back-up vocals, Kevin Crider – bassist and back-up vocals, and newest member Bobby Richards, whose thunderous pounding on drums completes their current lineup. Wasting no time, The Cauze has been busy putting the final touches on their first self-titled CD, which is set for release this summer, 2007!

First, thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time, guys. Now let’s get down to it. How many tracks will there be on your new CD?

Jeff: We have 13 originals; we’ll probably put 8 to 10 on the CD that we feel good about.

What’s in the future for The Cauze, besides the obvious — hard work and dedication?

Jeff: The future: Lots of shows! How about Staples Center? And we’d also take the Gibson Amphitheater, too, any day!

On that note, what kind of dates are you guys playing right now?

Jeff: We shoot for Friday and Saturday nights usually. The Pitcher House in Hermosa Beach is a great place for us to do a warm-up show. We do kind of an original/cover night there, mixing in cover songs that we grew up with, such as Dokken, UFO and some Judas Priest with our originals. It’s fun!

That really relates to your promo CD release that features 3 tracks, on which we hear some “heritage” elements, maybe from the ‘80s hard-rock days. Has anybody ever referred to you as an ‘80s-type rock band?

Jeff: Yes, people have said we sound like we’re kind of along the lines of commercial rock, as opposed to Y&T, let’s say. Some people have said that my lead vocals have the tones of Paul Stanley of KISS.

Bobby: People also appreciate the band because of the vocal harmonies. Bands don’t harmonize anymore. It’s a good thing to be able to harmonize, and be able to pull it off live.

Do you also sing, Bobby?

Bobby: No, I just bang the beat, keeping it together in the background, and save my singing for the shower, where it belongs!

Jeff, you’ve said that your lead vocals and your ability to harmonize probably came naturally from your church days and your prior band experiences, so we’ll probably get a lot of that solid, soulful singing on the new release, right?

Jeff: Oh, yeah.

So who would you say are your biggest influences?

Jeff: My influences are bands like Journey, and guitarists like Neil Schon and Michael Schenker. I learned how to play and how to bend strings by listening to Michael Schenker’s vibrato, growing up. We’ve been told that our three-part harmonies, live, remind people of Stryper’s vocals.

How about Extreme?

Jeff: I’d say that Extreme is probably more on the progressive-funk side than us, while we’re more melodic and commercial. That’s the thing with this band: We can pull off a metal tune and a fast commercial hard-rock tune, and go straight to a ballad that people wouldn’t even suspect us of doing. Diversity – I think that’s what separates us, to be able to go from one extreme to another, and be more versatile than other bands that are going to do just straight metal songs or punk songs. We have a lot of dynamics.

Do you have a favorite club that’s been particularly good to you, or that you favor for the vibe?

Jeff: As I said, I look forward to playing the Pitcher House, because it’s more of a casual setting. It’s a local pub, about 200 capacity, but the atmosphere there is really cool and relaxed. It’s a great warm-up venue. But my favorite place to play would be the Galaxy in Santa Ana. The sound there is great, and it’s a nice venue holding 1100 or 1200 people, and the ambience about the place makes it great. When you get onto the Sunset Strip, The Whisky and the other clubs, it seems so rushed. You’re on and off stage, you’re pushing everything, you don’t have a lot of time to warm up, and the sound’s not always great. I’d say that the Galaxy Theater is one of my most favorite places to play.

Is the Galaxy where you’ve planned your CD release party?

Bobby: Not sure yet... maybe. Anything is possible... why not the Staples Center!

Kevin, what’s your take on today’s rock scene, compared to a few years ago?

Kevin: Here in L.A., with a lot of the bands that I go to see on the Strip, it’s very noisy, with a lot of growling vocals. And that’s what separates us: We’ve got a lot of melodic vocals, a lot of harmonies and dynamics, not what you really expect to hear on the Strip. What we’ve seen lately is a lot more noise, and a different quality of music. There’s not a lot of melodic music anymore.

So give it to us straight: Can we safely say that your CD won’t have a lot of growls or “screamo” singing?

Jeff: No, the screams will only be coming from the females in the front row at our shows!

Do you plan to follow up your CD release with a video? We’ve heard talk about a certain upcoming video production in the works...?

Jeff: It’s in the making too, and is basically going to be a DVD about how the band got started. How we brought the new members into the band, the places that we’ve performed, the people that we meet, and the stuff that we’re doing with All Access Magazine, all rolled up into a complete circle. Our fans will be able to shout out a few words about their feelings on The Cauze too!

Where and when will your CD be available?

Jeff: We are aiming for this summer and plan to have it available on our website at, CD Baby, NewArtistOnline and wherever we can. We have a 3-song demo now we are shopping around to get a distribution deal. We would like to distribute it overseas, and of course then get the band over there to tour!

When you say “overseas,” where specifically do you mean?

Jeff: We’re thinking Europe — the U.K., Germany, Sweden, and so forth, with all the big festivals they have over there.

What are The Cauze’s instruments of choice?

Jeff: My Fender Stratocaster. Joel: My Les Paul. Kevin: An Olympic bass. Bobby: I’m the guy in Venice with the boxes and the bucket, ha-ha! But other than that, I use DWs, Drum Workshop drums.

Any endorsements for the band?

Jeff: Right now, we’ve got a couple of online possibilities that we’ve been working on. Ernie Ball wants to do an endorsement deal, and so does B.C. Rich. Bobby has a drumstick endorsement with Silver Fox Percussion.

Ernie Ball would be an interesting option. They are tied into all kinds of events and tours, not to mention the obvious music stores. Doesn’t he do that Battle of the Bands? Would you guys be a part of that?

Jeff: Heck yeah. We’d jump into any Battle of the Bands! Bring it on! To get up onstage with any band, to show them, “This is what we’ve got,” to say to the people, “You be the judge” - go ahead, put us on stage!

Jeff, as a lead singer, are there any exercises or any particular care you take to maintain your voice?

Jeff: Yes, I use honey, hot tea, and drink a lot of water, combined with a lot of vocal warm-ups before we play.

So you don’t tear up the Sunset Strip the night before, pillage and smoke all kinds of cigarettes?

Joel: No. Once you become a rock star you can do that, and there’s the difference, because we’re still trying!

Kevin, refresh our memory please. Where did you hail from originally?

Kevin: I’m from the San Francisco Bay area, and I spent six years in the Seattle area, rockin’ up there, and this is important for me, as far as my movement goes. I played the most gigs up north, and saw the scene die up there as well. I wrote a book before I moved up there [Seattle], called “Where Have All the Rock Clubs Gone?” The scene was dying in the Bay Area, so I moved up to Seattle, but it was all changing to casinos. You had to have female singers, horn sections, and that was veering away from the rock scene, so I said, “That’s it, I’m on my way to L.A.!”

How long ago was that?

Kevin: Two years ago.

How did the book do?

Kevin: Good! Everybody liked it.

Bobby, it seems you said something about learning to play with Vinny Appice?

Bobby: Yes. I have been playing drums a long time, but after I was honored to meet him, I did recently take lessons with him for about eight months. Vinny gave me a few good tips and pointers, which have definitely helped a whole lot. I’m a Jersey boy born and raised, graduated high school with Bon Jovi and Skid Row. We were in junior high school battles of the bands, playing “Smoke on the Water” and “Stairway to Heaven,” and I had the honor of playing with all of them. Then I came out here and hooked up with Chris Holmes of WASP, which was a lot of fun.

Jeff, any big names that you’ve played with, any particularly cherished memories? And how did you learn to play guitar?

Jeff: Well, back in the day, in high school, when I first started playing, the other guitar player in my band was Rob Hotchkiss, founding member of Train. I played for many years with him in high school, and I also gave guitar lessons to the guy who played bass in Train. Those are fond memories, but actually the best memories I have are playing with The Cauze, and playing with the national acts we’ve worked with, like Y&T and Steve Pearcy. I was basically self-taught, learned to play by ear and never took a lesson in my life. I’ve been playing for 25 years.


Joel: I’ve been playing about 20 years, and I actually took lessons for quite a while from a couple of good L.A. guitar players.


Kevin: I’ve been performing for about 28 years, am self-taught, and can’t read a musical note.

Now, with regard to self-promotion, of course you have your own website,, MySpace, etc. What other marketing efforts are you currently involved with?

Jeff: All of those goodies, and t-shirts, and of course we’re always looking for Street Team help, so if any of you cute-looking girls out there have a couple of hours you wanna donate, log on to the website, and we’ll set you up with some stickers and some promo CDs, and you can hit the street, ladies!

Bobby: The band is willing to do interviews anytime. Internet, phone, radio, text message... just kidding! Seriously, we love it, love it all, so bring it on!

You have a big show coming up, right?

Jeff: Yes, we are the supporting act for Y&T, Sat. April 28th at the Galaxy Theater. And the week before, Saturday April 21, we perform at the 29 Palms Marines Base, supporting the US troops. Then we headline The Pitcher House in Hermosa Beach that very night. That’s going to be one crazy day of rock n’ roll!

But if any of our San Fernando Valley fans want to catch us, we’re also supporting a charity event for Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, Saturday April 7th at Harpers Bar & Grille. Again, we are the supporting act for headliners and members of HEAVEN and EARTH (Stuart Smith, Richie Onori and Keith St. John), THUNDHERSTRUCK (Dyna Shirasaki, Andrea Zermeno and Stephanie Leigh). This event, “The Bunny Hop,” starts at 7 PM, followed by an all-day Rock-N-Roll car show! The best deal is, it’s “all ages,” so hop on over to Harpers and hang out with us a bit. It’s for a great cause!

So the future looks pretty bright for The Cauze?

Bobby: Yes. Opening up for Nickelback or Bon Jovi would be nice too. We’re working on it.

Jeff: But first things first, like finding the right people for the band. Now we feel we’ve got the right folks with the right state of mind, with the right dedication, and “The Circle Is Complete.” We all enjoy playing the music we’re playing, and that’s what we’re in it for — we’re not here to sell out, and we can’t write anything that doesn’t come from our hearts!

Do you have any final shout-outs or words of advice for our local readers, music fans, or maybe the rocker kids in high school that are just now learning about what you do?

Bobby: As long as we’ve been doing this, the message has been, “Don’t give up. Keep going, if this is what you love and it’s in your heart.”

Jeff: On the same subject, keep writing, keep playing what you want to play. We have fans who are 40 and fans who are 14, and I think it’s all coming around again. As commercial as our music is, you can’t listen to it and say it’s bad. Anyway, stick to your guns and stay true to what you believe in.

Well, it’s been great talking with The Cauze, and we’re looking forward to a great show at the Galaxy on April 28th. You also take bookings through your website, right?

Jeff: You got it.

Again, congrats to The Cauze on your debut album release. It’s been a good talk with you all and thank you for your time, gentlemen. Keep up the good work, as AAM will be watching your progress! Right on and Rock on!
Manager: Concetta Ellis (626) 815-2808

Source: All Access Magazine Online

Shoot Schedule: Sat 04/28/07 Y&T and The Cauze

We will be shooting The Cauze with Y&T at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana Ca. This coming Sat. Night April 28th - Get tickets online for only 15 bucks!

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Friday, April 6, 2007

OCMA - Orange County Music Awards @ The Grove of Anaheim 03/31/07

OCMA 2007 Produced by: Martin Brown (above)

Event Images by

Event Video Production by Ryder Pictures

We are currently in post production for our OCMA shoot but feel free to browse our proofing shoots!

Event @ ModernPics

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Dave Safley

PamelaG - OCMA 2007 at The Grove in Anaheim

PamelaG with Blue Addiction - OCMA 2007 at The Grove in Anaheim

Blues and soul siren of the new millennium, Pamela G has "tastefully" taken Orange County and all of Southern California by storm. She puts hand clapping and foot tapping renditions together, which consists of our favorite Blues, R & B, and Jazz tunes.

Pamela G delivers spiritually power filled performances that leave you wanting more and more. Pamela G is totally "N" Control, smooth, sophisticated, and sincere about her music goals and her recordings. She is all business and very protective of her fans and family. Hailing from San Bernardino, CA., she grew up with the respect and passion for the works of Etta James, Sarah Vaughn, Big Mama Thorton, and Bessie Smith, just to name a few. Her favorite instrument is the guitar. It's no wonder why she loves the music

Billy Mitchell • Pamela G

played by the late, the great Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tommy Castro (her favorite "guitar man" whom she opened for several times at The Coach House and Galaxy Theater), Buddy Guy (whom she headlined with at the Doheny Blues Festival), and B.B. King, The "King of the Blues".

Pamela G sets her sights and her sounds on delivering mighty performances of the legends and their music. Her creative style as writer, producer, and composer, helped her to decide to create her own company called N-Control Productions and Entertainment. With the help of her management company Golden Sands Entertainment, she has managed to carry herself to great headlining and independent works all over California. Pamela G wrote and produced her first CD called It's A "G" Thang which she sold over 10,000 copies independently.

There won't be any stopping this dynamic, creative artist as she finishes her new CD, Smooth "But" Deadly.

Her music, her voice, her songs, and her band Blues Addiction, moves the millennium into new stages… all for you.

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OCMA - Orange County Music Awards @ The Grove in Anaheim Ca. 03/31/07

Pics and More of the recent Orange County Music Awards 2007
At The Grove in Anaheim Ca. 03/31/07
Coming soon!
Rock On!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Martin Brown - Producer IEMA and OCMA

2007 Orange County Music AwardsSaturday, March 31 7pm -

The Grove Theatre, Anaheim

What do folk, pop, rock, punk, jazz, electronic, roots, hip-hop, blues, hard-core and country artists have in common? All have a musical voice as part of the Sixth Annual Orange County Music Awards, to be held March 31 at the Grove Theatre.

The OC Register writes "I think the OCMA is giving Orange County music a voice. You don't have to wait for unsigned artists to be discovered (by a major label) to know there is great music out there."

Martin Brown produces the show as well as The IEMA (Inland Empire Music Awards) , and expects to top last year's 500-plus entries. OCMA judges include music critics from local publications, as well as representatives from Warner/Elektra/ Atlantic, Virgin Records and Universal Entertainment. About 25 awards will be handed out, and 10 local acts will perform live.

Tickets are $20 advance/$ 25 day of for the event. For more info, to purchase tickets or to submit a band or solo artist please visit

This is sure to be an exciting event and will be even bigger and better than last year's show. Call Martin Brown at (714) 624-8729 email for more information.

The Grove website is at
The OCMA is an excellent opportunity for local bands to receive recognition and exposure for all of their hard work during the year. With more than 25 awards being handed out, dozens of local bands and solo artists will be honored.
There will also be live performances from more than ten local acts, winners from the 2006 show.In categories from Best Jazz to Best Metal, the whole musical spectrum will be covered. The show is a celebration of the local music scene. It is equal parts party, networking opportunity and a chance for major media exposure.
Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8.Tickets are $20.
They may be purchased from the Grove box office or through Ticketmaster.
===== Buy Tickets Online ====================
Orange County Music Awards
Saturday, Mar 31st at 8:00pm
Doors Open at 7:00pm
Buy Tickets Here:

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PamelaG at IEMA 2007

Morongo Casino

Winner of Best Blues

Sassy, but classy, sophisticated yet soulful, Pamela G has earned a reputation for her ability to use her vocal skills on a diverse range of materials.Pamela G has appeared with many top-quality musicians such as well-known blues artists Jimmy Vaughn, Tommy Castro, Corey Stevens, Rod Piazza & His Mighty Flyers (voted #1 Blues band in the U.S. in 2002), and legendary jazz pianist Billy Mitchell.With her outgoing personality, stylish flair, and dynamite voice, Pamela G is always well received by audiences of all ages and sensibilities. Pamela G's various styles feature something for everyone. Included in her vast repertoire of songs are Blues, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Disco, Top 40, Old School, and a touch of Gospel. If you enjoy a high energy show, and love to come out and dance, then the lovely and talented Ms. Pamela G will give you a performance to remember!—more >>
Check out all the "Goods" on PamelaG and her Band on their Web Site:
Rock On,
Dave (
See you all at the upcoming OCMA (Orange County Music Awards) on 03/31/07 at The Grove!