Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Orange County Music Awards 03/29/08 OCMA 2008

OCMA 2008 at the Grove Theater in Anaheim Ca. on 03/29/08

See pics of the show:

Camera 1 and Camera 2 shoot pics click here

Next shoot we will post online is our Winger shoot at Crash Mansion LA.

We will also be posting the Irish "Rose of Tralee" shoot , stay tuned!

Met a LOT of great people this year and we hope you all enjoyed the show and supporting local music.

A special person we met was Jeanne Rice, It was an amazing thing to meet such a talented photographer. And what a wonderful kind person she is!

Please visit her web site at: http://www.ImagesThatRock.com

She needs your help!

You may buy her work and help with her recovery at: The Rock and Roll Emporium HB

Rock on!

(MP) ModernPics

Nominees for OCMA 2008

For all pics of the event:

Camera 1, Camera 2 and Camera 3 shoot pics click here


Best Song

Gary Tole
Jonathan Blake
Jessica Callahan

Best Alternative

Half Past Two
Sleepless Me
Alpha Prevail

Best Male

Derrick Oshana
Rob Steffen
Luke Boor
Jonathan Blake
Ryan Whitney

Best Female

Kelly Bibeau
Sarah Green
Jessica Callahan
Vanessa Zarate
Robin Lore

Best Pop Rock

Logan Coates
Eric Macek
Lunar Fiction

Best High School

The Jakes
The Bolts
Melissa K

Best Jazz

Present Tense
Rare Form Band
Gabriel Oscar Rosati
Dave Cross
Cris Barber

Best Instrumental

Jesse Batiuk
Don Brennan
Evan Stone
Sherman Fowler

Best Surf

The Reventlos
Tequila Worms
Mai Tais
Ten or more
Steve Morrison

Best R and B

Lara Janine
Chase Allen
Jimi E
Justis Kao

Best Country

Darenda Owens
Fertitta and McClintock
Peter Brandon
Michael Ubaldini
Daniel Kristof

Best Classic Rock

Good Deal
Ugly Sons
Shawn Jones
Unit 287

Best Indie

Chris Paul Overall
Little White Lie
Feel The Fall
Chap Edward

Best Folk

Ryan Cappelle
AJ and CPO
Modern Subject
John Troy
Marianne Keith

Best Electronic

Dead Amps
Robbie Reverb
DJ Cool Hand
Romak and the Space Pirates
MOS Project

Best Punk

Blacktop Idol
Barely Legal
Mystery Hangup
Ten Thirteen

Best Blues

Havana-Indio Band
Connie Rae
Laurie Morvan
Pamela G
Blue Dice

Best Metal

House of Darkness
Sacred Storm
Burning Dragon
Fluffy Little Bunnies

Best Rock

Union of Saints
Chapel of Thieves

Best Hip Hop

Loose Logic
Tyron Jackson

Best Urban

Mic Moses and C4mula
Short Dawg
Ben Franklin

Best International

Juan Coronado- Canada
Terj Lie-Norway
A Certain Symmetry-Canada

Best Out of County

Austin Law
A Living Daylight
Britney Elizabeth
Renny Jones

Best Hard Rock

The Warned
Fight Your Friends
Dub Scouts
Star Off Machine

Best Swing

Gary Tole
Savage City
Big Papa and the TCB
Sugah Daddy
Sweet Chariot

Best Live Acoustic Band

AJ DeGrasse
Craic Haus
Connie Rae
Fertitta & McClintock
The Fallen Stars
Jonathan Blake Band

Best Live Electric Band

Star Off Machine
Franki Doll and the Broken Toys
Peter Brandon
AJ Degrasse

Best Live Acoustic Female

Marianne Keith
Robin Lore
Jessica Callahan
Sarah Green

Best Live Acoustic Male

Erick Macek
AJ DeGrasse
Levi Larkin
Michael Ubaldini
John Troy
Nam Ninja
Jonathan Blake

Orange County Music Awards 2008 (The Grove Theater)

We just wanted to thank everyone for supporting the OCMAs and we hope you enjoyed the show!

OCMA's works hard all year to give musicians an opportunity to get some exposure.

Congratulations to all the winning bands, nominees and performers for representing Orange County.

It certainly isn’t about whether you take home an award; it’s about taking the next step of your musical careers.

It’s a chance to promote yourselves,make new connections and use our resources to get a good paying gig the next time you’re trying to book your band at a venue.

We are just a springboard to the next level! Thanks again to our numerous sponsors who helped us with the production of the show.

We could not sustain a show of this level without your generous dollars and support.

If you liked what you experienced at our show this year, we certainly encourage you
to join us again next year!

The Orange County Music Awards is proud to present its seventh annual music awards show that gives emerging artists a voice in the local "OC" music scene.

The OCMAs were the first to help promote local musicians and to showcase the mass musical talent found in the community.

Don't be fooled by any other imitations, the OCMAs rock!

Much like the Grammy's the OCMAs are designed to showcase and award talent found in all musical genres.

Performances at the awards show will feature a few winners from last year's categories.

Over 25 awards will be handed out to winners representing everything from "Best Pop Rock" to "Best Jazz."

The OCMAs also like to recognize businesses and supporters of Orange County music
by inviting them to participate in the event.

The awards show is about bringing people and community together to celebrate the diversity of music found right in our own backyard.

*** Stay tuned our shoot of this years OCMA's 2008 camera one will be up later today!

Rock on,


(MP) ModernPics