Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hello Folks - September 5th, 2018

I know my last post mentioned that I am going to try to be more active here, going to try to act on that!

Had a great time, covering Scorpions and QueensRyche photo coverage last Sunday on Labor Day Weekend, I shot for Wire but once released and syndicated to will post out the coverage link.

The Venue - Fivepoint Amp is an amazing place and so welcome to the South Orange County outdoor concert facilities.

We have been using and working in some of our images, quite happy with the platform.

Also we setup an account on primarly for proofing, loving the platform.

We do have a blog on which is another very cool writing platform,

Part of our plans is to revamp this blog as well, updating the links on the right side Navigation, many of them were created some 10 years ago ;)

On top of what I do for a living (besides the Photography passion) for which I am a Technology Engineer, we also provide Web Hosting Services by way of , much to come and hope to update you all by way of this blog!

We also have a couple of Tech Blogs we host here: and

Make it a great day!